The “A-Haah!” Moment

  Call them whatever you like:  “the lights come on,” the “slap-the-forehead” moment, the “duh” moment when something suddenly becomes clear. Some may use the word “epiphany”, but those moments almost always... read more

What is a “significant other?”

It’s a common term in our culture, usually referring to someone with whom we are involved but not married to. It’s sort of a politically correct “catch-all” term when we don’t know what else to call someone. But what is it really? If we break it down, “other” is... read more

Do a Good Turn Daily

I came from a “scouting family.” My father and two older brothers were all Eagle Scouts. ln addition, my father was a professional BoyScout Executive. The decision to go into scouting was made for me at an early age. I don’t recall that I was ever... read more

“George” Was My Favorite

Just like “George” on “Seinfeld”, l used to be a hand-model. Truly… l was…and it’s just as weird as they portrayed it to be. People complimented me on how photogenic my hands were and I was paid hundreds of dollars to pose... read more

Why Does a Golfer Need a Caddy?

Having recently watched the Masters Tournament it always strikes me as interesting that the one person closest to those “mastef golfers is their caddy. Why? Couldn’t anyone of reasonable size carry the bag of clubs? Why does a caddy deserve even a small... read more

Who Do You Trust?

Before answering that, don’t you need to define “trust.” ln the military they say you put your life and your trust in another soldier’s hands. Webster defines it as reliance on the integrity and strength of someone else, having the confidence... read more

The Olympian Secret

What do all Olympic athletes have in common? Answer: a “coach” they trust. And while there may be several they get counsel from, there is probably one person that is really the “coach.” Their methods may differ, but behind every great athlete... read more