I met Dale during a very strategic time in my life. I was just finishing up my career in Washington and finished a run for the United States Congress. I wanted to do something significant and in line with the gifts and passions I have. When Dale talked to me about the LifePlan I knew it was the thing I needed to help me think through what the next 25 years of my life would be like. The process was tremendous in helping me understand my passions, some of the barriers for my life that may have prevented me from moving forward. It also helped me to clearly see what actions I needed to reach the goals I had, both personally and professionally. Today, I have a loving and tremendous family, a great job that I love, I’ve traveled around the world, started 2 organizations, and am so grateful for the work of Dale and his LifePlan process.

Jimmy Lee

Candidate, US Congress, President/CEO, Goodcity Chicago,
Former Exec Director, White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

I want to thank you for your time, your availability, your care, your attention, your guidance & your friendship not only during our two day retreat but also continually since then. One year ago, if I had been asked where I would be from a career standpoint, I certainly would not have guessed that it would be where I am today.

Upon the separate recommendation of two different colleagues I approached you about this “Life Plan” process knowing nothing about it previously. The two hour initial meeting you held with me gave me a very clear understanding of the process & commitment we both were making when we agreed to conduct my Life Plan session.

Not only did I gain knowledge and better understanding of my Life purpose but I gained a great friend. I am thankful for the numerous get-togethers we have had since my Life Plan and I look forward to our continued friendship.

John D Stuart

Stumm Insurance, Naperville, IL

Dale Roberts is a friend, trusted advisor, and a positive force in my life. I have personally experienced his “writing insights” as well as his two day life planning retreat. Through Dale’s gifted and insightful writing, generous listening, and deep caring, I’m a better and more purposeful leader.

John W Wright II

President & CEO, Goodwin-Wright, Atlanta, GA

I am a skeptic. Not only am I a middle-aged guy, but I am a high fact-finding attorney to boot. So when Dale initially sold me on the idea of considering handwriting analysis as an integral part of our new hire interview process I agreed to try it, but I was suspicious that it might be a bunch of baloney. However, when we sent in two blind samples from current employees, we were stunned by the accuracy of the insights provided by Dale’s work.

Nonetheless, I felt that my personal ability to predict a prospective employee’s potential for success just had to be more accurate than a handwriting analysis. Time has proven that I was wrong! The only hiring disasters that I have had to deal with in the last six years happened when I ignored the advice of the handwriting analysis. It gives me no pleasure to tell you than an inexpensive handwriting analysis is more accurate and predictive than my own judgment and that of my hiring committees, but its true. Trust Dale and his skills and you will sleep more peacefully at night!

Rick Law

President & CEO, Law Elder Care, Aurora, IL

Thank you for providing a valuable opportunity for me during the Life Coach sessions. It was such a rewarding time for me to walk through my life and chart so much personal information in two short days…

Working through this life coaching process was an encouragement to my soul.  … Most importantly, I became more courageous in my presentation of myself. One month after my coaching session, I met with leaders at my workplace and presented my desire to serve in a new position. Following the meeting, I was asked to become a manager for a new department that would allow me to use my skills, abilities, and previous work experience. I gained great confidence and practical life examples from this life coaching experience.

Brenda H. McCord

Directory of Women's Ministries, San Antonio, TX

I had the pleasure of taking a LifePlan 1:1 session with Dale Roberts and can say it was an invaluable step in bringing a vital understanding of who I am and seeing the themes of my life that are the basis of my Opus Gloria. It was an engagingly rich and rewarding experience that I can energetically recommend to anyone and especially to those entering into the second phase of their life.

All of this understanding [gained] would not have been possible without Dale. Dale was a true professional from our very first meeting. His candor, his concerns and his ability to draw out relevant information really helped drive the process and made it possible to reveal “a-HA” type moments. I felt very comfortable sharing with Dale. That level of transparency was a very important part in our time together. It is very clear he enjoys conducting a LifePlan and takes these sessions very seriously as he values investing in the lives of others.

Scott Tang

Sapient Corporation, Chicago, IL

It’s amazing what has taken place in these past years. When we met, I was winding down from a very fulfilling 10 year career, but I was unclear what the future held. So, you and I hit the road from O’Hare and ended up in a beautiful little lake house in Wisconsin. One of the first things I remember is that we rapidly established a deep trust and I knew you were completely committed to assistlng me in knowing what my next calling would look like.

The atmosphere you created allowed me to relax and you assured me the next few days were all about “me”! I wasn’t sure how to take that statement, but you wisely and skillfully helped me be able to relax, reflect and relate. Then the questions came – questions that were much deeper than simply being asked to fill in the blanks on an answer sheet. You showed genuine concern and empathy as you heard my story. Like a student trained to hear from his professor, you patiently listened to me and kept me on a strategic path toward eventual answ€rs.

You began to weave together my sometimes disassociated thoughts and responses like a tapestry. I began to see my life in “seasons.” You asked many probing and difficult questions, but I wanted to be completely honest because I knew you were on a path. And man was I surprised when you started laying out for me what you were hearing about how my history had made certain conclusions about my future! Finally, we were done – not so much with relating, but with our time at the lake house. Months later I landed my current job working as CEO for Reconciliation Outreach. The past years have heen some of the hardest, yet most fulfilllng years of my life.

Thank you Dale – thank you for fulfilling your life calling by helping me find my way. You are a master at what you do and I will be forever grateful for your guidance and skill.

Tim Chapman

CEO, Reconciliation Outreach Ministries, Dallas, TX

“I like what I’m reading. Let’s get in touch.”